About us Aja Trading and contracting


Aja Trading and Contraction is one of the leading companies of Saudi Arabia .Since  1971 Aja Company had been engaged in construction works in all of Saudi Arabia and catered to local construction. The Founders of the company were inspired by the name of Aja from Aja majestic mountains of the northern kingdom in Hail Where the meanings of authenticity and tradition of the path taken by the foundation in its transactions and activities where its bearth started by hard work and trueness of dealing so that the company has been able to implement a variety of projects across the Kingdom. There was a dearth of Saudi contractors to fill the construction requirements in Saudi Arabia and majority of the work went to foreign-based companies. In the early 1971s during the boom-years in Saudi Arabia which was characterized by rapid development in infrastructures, Aja Company was buoyed by the swell of prosperity in the country and consequently diversified into a multi-disciplined organization. Aja Company is engaged in every construction works – architectural, civil, structural, electro-mechanical and instrumentation including maintenance contracts. Aja Company has expanded to cater to all the disciplines of construction works Kingdom-wide with expertise in turn key and procure-and-construct projects. (The Commercial Division of Aja Company has been rendered operational to complement the procurement requirements of the Construction Division. Acting separately, the Commercial Division handles general trading, sponsorship of foreign companies and agencies, and sole distributorship of other companies in-Kingdom and out-of-Kingdom). Additionally, it is tasked to promote and develop joint-venture companies, commercial arrangements with industrial factories, companies and agencies, local and international. Due to its continued dedication and enthusiasm towards the mission of satisfying clients, Aja Company received awards from each client as a testimony of professional excellence in the fields of construction safety and engineering.


Classification: 6 areas

Classified in second degree of buildings and construction for a project up to a maximum of 280 million riyals in addition to the other classification in the following areas:

  1. fifth degree in road works
  2. fourth degree in water and sanitation works
  3. fourth degree in electrical work
  4. fourth degree in mechanical works
  5. fourth degree in road maintenance


General contracting

Contraction activities include the following:-


  • Buildings construction
  • Road works
  • Maintenance and operation of buildings
  • Decoration works
  • Implementation of aqueous and thermal insulation
  • All kinds of electrical works
  • installation of air conditioning
  • installation of telephone networks
  • plumping ,water and sanitation works
  • paints and finishes works


The most important and most prominent projects and clients

For  forty two year of continuous effort, the company has implemented several projects with numerous qualities and services for government and private entities :

  • Government projects with diversified activities and services (schools- factories- institutes- Port borders- universities-libraries)
  • Commercial facilities with the latest architectural systems (Advanced Precast)
  • Private and civil projects (buildings –residential and investment villas)
  • Projects with special specifications(shooting and exhibition centers)
  • Al-Tarbiyah Al Namouthajiyah schools
  • Al-Tarbiyah Al Namouthajiyah schools club
  • Faculty of Engineering(Al jouf)
  • Yamama Private University
  • Al Hadarah private schools
  • Nozha private Schools
  • Border Wadea port in Shrora

The most prominent clients during the years of our work:

  • Ministry of Education
  • Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University
  • Air Force in Riyadh
  • National Guard
  • Ministry of Defense and Aviation
  • Frontier Crops Management ,border stations
  • Imam University
  • Al-Jouf University
  • Yamama Private University Company
  • National Company For Learning and Education